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  About us
  Algarveforyou, Ltd. comes from a 20 years experience team in hotel accommodations and tourism industry.

Our priority is to offer quality service at best rates. Our goal is the well-being, confort and satisfaction of those who take our services.

Therefore, in the accomodations offered here you can find the natural beauty of Algarve, and yet a calm and family environment, which is becoming rare nowadays.

We are aware that a rushing and stressful life does not leave much time to carefully and completely search for places and programs for those well deserved leisure moments. So we garantee you the resolution of all formal and burocratic aspects of your reservation and accomodation, seeking your interests and garanteeing honesty at all times.

We have the perfect holiday in
Algarve for you.

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Welcome to Algarve! Everything you will need for a great vacation!
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Apartments, villas, hotel rooms...

At the Algarve, the lodging options for your vacations are many and diverse. Apart from hotel rooms, the most popular are touristic apartments, some of them in resorts, and privately owned apartments or villas. We agree that these are the best for family vacations, when space and comfort are to be taken into consideration, along with reasonable rates. We know how important it is to have fresh food or cold drinks in the fridge at all times; or to heat some simple meals to children; or even prepare an elegant dinner. We offer you accommodation that meets all requirements for a pleasant and comfortable stay at the Algarve.
In quiet and private resorts, or yet joiful and family accommodations, we can offer you the best and the most of the Algarve.

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  Algarve ocean  

The sun, the ocean, the beach and a lot more...

The Algarve has been known as a tourist destination for a long time now. Gorgeous, small, rocky, or yet large beaches, warm waters, and glorious sunshine year-round, are the main attraction and make the Algarve a unique place, one of the best in the world for sunbathing. Most part of its beaches (those of Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura, Portimão, Vila Real de Santo António) proudly display the european symbolic Blue Flag, clean waters, hygiene, security, parking as well as nearby cafes. Some beaches of the Algarve are located in preserved environments, being part of a more and more rare natural patrimony: large beaches, small and rocky beaches, little bays, all offering calm waters in extensive sand and excellent moderate temperatures.
The Algarve is an excellent choice for your holidays.

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  Doce Fino  

After the beach, the southern flavours from the Algarve

Algarve is famous for its regional gastronomy. Having a long coast facing the sea, this region of southern Portugal is rich in fish and seafood. You should try the famous cataplana with clams or the typical caldeirada. If you still have room, we suggest you try the various fish soups, horse mackerel, rice octopus. Don´t forget the traditional grilled sardines of Portimão, and the tuna steak. If you prefer meat over fish, try pork meat with clams, chicken from Guia, roasted pig, pork meat, pork ribs, on the grill. For desert, try some of tradional marzipan pastries, the famous Dom Rodrigo and Morgadinhos pastries and other fig and honey based eateable tentations. If you cannot resist good food, beware to gaining a few pounds.
At the Algarve, holidays taste really good.

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  Albufeira by night  

Lots of attractions and night life...

If you ever choose not to go to the beach, and are looking for entertainemnt and sport fun, the Algarve has optional programmed attractions for you. Visit our Slide & Splash aquatic park in Lagoa, the Big One in Alcantarilha (Silves), or the Aqua Show in Quarteira (near Vilamoura). These are only some of the attractions where you can enjoy yourself, be adventurous and still be surrounded by water. Another fascinating and entertaining place to visit for a day long is Zoomarine, a marine park dedicated to educate and promote awareness of the need for preservation of marine life. Here you can feel the emotion of the seas, rehabilitation of marine species, interaction with dolphins, and see some spectacular and educational shows. If you prefer a day of cultural/historical interests, you can choose to visit the castle of Silves or Cabo de Sao Vicente in Sagres. You can also take place in several of our cultural events that the municipalities of the Algarve offer to those who visit us. For those who enjoy the night life, try the casinos, bars, discos, marinas and street performances. Albufeira is still known as the best night in Algarve.
We guarantee you lots of fun and entertainment day and night.

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  Feel safe and secure  

Feel safe and secure at all times.

Safety and security certainly weigh a lot when choosing your holidays destination. Lots of attraction, entertainment or night life are no longer the main factors in rating a touristic place. Your well being, safety and tranquility play the main role when you have to decide. Portugal is yet a privileged peaceful and stable country, both politically and socially. And specially in the Algarve, we have not experienced acts of terrorism, nuclear incidents or public calamities (cyclones, floods, storms) thus making this the perfect place for vacationing.
Come and enjoy relaxation in tranquility and security.

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